timeline — January to July 2023

roles — brand identity, photography, videography, art direction, typography, web design

working for — Studio Tilt

collaboration — Slip Rabbit Studio

I built the visual system for a direct research project examining participants relationships with vibrations in their home using a porcelain instrument called the Inner Ear that both captures and represents data.

Visual System ︎︎︎

Logo Progression ︎︎︎

For the logo, we wanted something simple that felt worked with the system in an interesting way. Eventually I dropped the “The” and changed the typeface, creating a custom letterform “R” that resonated with the form of the device.

Photography ︎︎︎


Audrey Desjardins, Timea Tihanyi, Freesoul El Shabazz-Thompson, Brock Craft, Julia R. Saimo. (2023). The Inner Ear: Capturing and Physicalizing Home Vibrations. In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems. DIS’23. ACM Press.

Wyatt Olson, Freesoul El Shabazz-Thompson, Melanie Wells, Janey Yee, Julia R. Saimo, Bill Xiong, Brock Craft, Audrey Desjardins. (2023).  Exposing Tensions in Documentary Filmmaking for Design Research: The Inner Ear Shorts. Extended abstracts in Designing Interactive Systems. DIS’23. ACM Press.