timeline — 8 weeks

roles — brand identity and strategy, motion design, symbol creation, photography, and creative direction

supervision — Leisha Muraki

collaboration — Ashley Gibson

A 3-day retreat focused on the cyclical nature of life as well as the reflection of life, death, and rebirth in nature.

While we use a lot of reflected material, we also wanted this retreat to feel human, thus the imperfect nature of the symbols and main logo.

The retreat is split into 3 days: life, death, and rebirth. This appears in our symbol set.

Our beginnings started with deriving what the personality of the retreat might feel like based on the core values that we set.

From there we created our moodboards for the retreat.

Choosing a name for the retreat consisted of the idea that we wanted the name to be a palindrome, further reflecting the circular nature of the retreat.

Initial ideas ︎︎︎

Final System ︎︎︎

Speaker Intro︎︎︎